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My first finished published game.  I spent 3 months working on this, determined to prove to myself that I could make a game, and here we are.  The Perfect Run is a casual puzzle game about creating perfect runs using as many tries as you want, where different segments of your tries are available for you to connect to form a single perfect run.  I'm proud of what I did, even if I know I can do way better in the future.  For now I'm pushing onwards and not looking back.  Any and all proceeds will go directly towards paying for college.  I'd love any support you're willing to give me.  At least go check out the game for me, and enjoy playing!

This was my final project for my most recent game design class.  I did this solo in 4 weeks and learned a lot in the process.  I wanted to create some semblance of a 4X game, although the final product is better described as a 3X game.  I wish I had the time to add AI to it or some kind of multiplayer, but I'm still proud of the final result.  I implemented a lot of features for the first time in my coding experience, and I really loved how different mechanics came together.  The most important thing I learned from making this is to have an outline for your UI before you start, since my UI ended up being just adding more and more trying to make it fit.

This was a group project I did with a friend.  I did all of the gameplay coding for both games, the goal of creating the game was to emulate the NES versions of the games.  

A group Game Jam game we made about a cowboy rounding up escaped sheep.  I did the sheep AI and behavior while inside the pen and while escaping, another member did their behavior outside the pen.  I also programmed the lasso to do all of it's movements and interactions.