The Perfect Run

Genre: Casual/Puzzle

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Development Time: 3 months

Team Size: 1

      The Perfect Run was my first solo game I made.  For it I created a system to drop markers as you went through the level, markers knew which line segment they were in, along with then they were dropped and their neighbors.  The game is set up so that when you reconnect lines it uses the point you are connecting to wipe prior line segments while maintaining lines that were created later than the line you have just connected to.  Optimizing the graphics was a challenge but worked out well in the end. Post processing effects I created bring the visuals to life.  If I were to recreate the game today I would add online leader boards for fastest clear and shortest path on each level.


Golden Seas

Genre: Real Time Strategy

Platforms: PC, Mac

Development Time: 6 weeks

Team Size: 5

     Golden Seas is a real time strategy game I made with 4 other students.  You command fleets of pirate vessels against the royal navy.  I did all of the gameplay programming and systems design.  I modified a map generator to work for boats on water, and made it work at runtime for designers to create maps, created pathfinding, combat, AI, economy, all of the systems at play.  This was a fantastic undertaking that is a beautiful machine under the hood.  The entirety of the game runs on only three update loops, and information is divided so that all entities know only what they need to know, saving space and enhancing performance.  I also created my own custom binary save format for the game, allowing you to save and load games across computers, and send friends your save file, optimization for file size was a fun addition of cramming as much data into as little space as possible.

Revival at Marrow Mansion

Genre: Point-n-Click

Platforms: WebGL

Development Time: 48 hours

Team Size: 2

     Revival at Marrow Mansion is a game jam game I made along with an artist, I created an interface to create dialogue trees in the Unity Editor to create the dialogue in the point and click game.  The dialogue editor was a massive undertaking and proved to have quite a few hard to track down bugs, I have since made a superior, node based dialogue editor that I'm still refining to this day.  The dialogue was all written by myself as well.  The map for navigation was incredible to make as well, only 7 lines of code manages a multi location, background changing based on hovering map system.  The game's story is unfinished, but it was a fantastic amount of work for the 48 hours I had.

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